Race ???
Gender Male
Age Seems to be in his twenties
Build Muscular, Titan
Height 5'9
Weight 230 lbs  
Skin Color Reddish
Eyes Color Brown
Alignment ???
Faith ???
Profession Smuggler
Occupations Fighting, Exploring, Chatting
Languages Common, Murian

A smuggler, a poet and a friend...

Measuring 5'9 ft., a musculature developed, often with a charming smile and speaking in a sweet voice. The being who walks by your side will hardly leave you indifferent, no matter how you feel. You notice that its skin leaves no space for any marks that the ravages of time could leave except for scars, it seems to be a timeless work of art, moreover you have the impression that it is made of marble, a curiously red marble.

The exoticism does not stop there, a crown of scales protecting his head, some strange growths on his chin. He is definitely not human, a probable draconian, demonic or infernal ancestor, difficult to say without asking him. But even if you ask him you won't know more, himself doesn't know what he is. He's just a street orphan who grew up with an impromptu family, becoming this "man" with titanic strenght.

As a wise elder once said...

Kaleb loves to hunt. Kaleb hates crowded places. Kaleb makes the world less crowded. Be like Kaleb!
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human