Droidk. 'Dok'

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This one is definitely a goblin.

It might seem a lab assistant.
Always fun to explore and make new experiences.

The slightly built accentuate the arms unnaturally long.The light step and would silently, accompanied by squeaking belts and other odds noises in his walking


It is not easy for a goblin to be smarter than his average race.
Somehow he always feels out of place.
If he remains among the goblins, which tend to be more brutal and savage, he feels wasted, not so much because he hates his race, in reality he appreciates certain customs, no no, more than anything else because his very active mind needs to be nourished with new delicacies constantly, and the classic way of killing, plundering and rape is not enough, of course, every now and then those activities are good for the spirit, revive the blood circulation and temper the character, but they are still not enough.

On the other hand, in attending the cities of humans or 'tall people' he is viewed with suspicion and few trust him.

He found a good middle ground in magic, studying and researching, he discovered he was capable and very good at that kind of thing. So he decided to travel, leaving his old cave where he was born.
He found himself in Sinfar and immediately intruded into the fortress of Graknok, a good accommodation for him, although even among the greenskins the goblins are not respected much.

Wizard,alchemist,researcher,he tries to prove his worth in this way.
He often enjoys drugs and is addicted to sex.
Our friend Dok tries in some way to control himself (not ever successfully)  more than anything else in order not to end up in serious trouble, who would help a goblin thrown into the bottom of a cell to rot?

However, he manages to make some friends among tall and small people, those who have seen beyond the racial barrier discover in him a wise and capable person in his profession although sometimes he appears a little moody.


Likes: females, sub char, shemale (only in submissive role), group (ffm/fffm/ffffffffm), cuckolding, rough sex, relationship (master / slave,pusher of a lady,alchemist in a home or local....student/teacher .... are olny examples) , quick, long, extreme, and so on and so forth..
If for some reason you prefer approach via private tell just do it without problem :) i am happy to talk about meetings or details for start a rp scene

Dislike: males in erp

Player tell,really friendly,dont hesitate to send a tell if interested for something!

Player is opened for setup some game scenarios,don't hesitate to send a tell if you have any questions,suggestions,or would like to rp some scenarios...I am very friendly and i am sure we can find a way for have a lot of fun.

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Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Gnome