Alyress D'Jaezred

Name: Alyress D'Jaezred
Race: Zekeyl (Half-Shadow Dragon)

Green Lights: Dominance and Submission. All Genders, when it comes to Green lights I generally keep to what my characters will accept. The purpose of this character as far as ERP is a more dominant drowess based around magic play. Mind control, modification, general use of magic. She's going to try to be dominant whenever possible. However if forced into a submissive role, she'd still enjoy it.
Yellow: Enslavement, while it could happen. I doubt it would and Alyress would fight it the entire time.
Reds: Child-like characters, Rape, Scat, full fledged torture along with the common “Breaking Server Rules”.

Alyress has two forms. One Drow and one Half-Dragon. More often then not she'll be seen in her drow form.

Drow Form: Alyress's drow form is fairly normal by drow standards, with no real extra bits or any oddities to really speak off. Alyress is fairly young for those who can tell age of a race which is almost eternally youthful, looking as if she just came of age to leave whatever schooling in the arcane she had and decided to set off on her own. Alyress takes great care in her appearance making sure she is as prim and proper as possible. Always in makeup and using magic to hide any blemishes or to simply complement or enhance her beauty, making her supernaturally beautiful in only the way a sorceress can. Which anyone who meets her can tell causes her endless pride. She also wears only the finest outfits made to fit to current drow fashions made out of spider silks which often leave not much to the imagination and to those outside drow society might make her look like she'd have a place better on a street corner. Her body is curvy and well proportioned and while the woman on the surface doesn't appear to have much strength to speak of however she makes that up with a body built for gracious movements. To those who see the woman naked or see any part of her exposed skin they'll notice that all over her body are multiple different intricate tattoos. To those with a magical knowledge or nature they'd be able to easily tell that the different tattoos are used often in her casting and to enhance her own magic abilities. Much like Thayan Magic. Along with a single tell tale tattoo on her left shoulder, an image of a dragon which seems imbued with a polymorph spell. And to those who get a look at her sex, they'd see that her clit is pierced with a stud keeping it permanently exposed.

Half-Dragon Form: Alyress's true form. The woman stands a few heads taller then in her drow form, going from short to almost towering over all but the largest of people. Gone are any curves and her dexterous stature replaced with sheer muscle and a thin coat of scales which seem to pull shadows toward her destroying all light. Her head shaped like that of a shadow-dragon along with having a pair of massive wings along with a dragonic tail. Over her scales the woman still has those same tattoos, woven in all sorts of intricate arcane patterns. Which only seem to be more visible as the different arcane colors and patterns practically glow in contrast to shadow covered black scales. Any traditional beauty is gone, replaced by a truly monstrous appearance.

Personality: Alyress is a young drow, just coming of adult age and she certainly acts like it. The woman seems to try to hard to keep into place general stereotypes of both personality and dress. She does her best not to show any emotion which would be considered 'weak' and tries to look always in control, leading to almost humorous situations where she's clearly way too far out of her league. She's slow to trust, and even then only trusts another so far. Alyress in typical drow fashion tries to make herself look superior to other races. Though it is anyones guess if she actually believes it or if it is part of some grand charade. However if someone can get past her first impressions and actually get to know her they'd find the drow is actually rather sensual. Showing very to little shame in herself and her actions as she seems more then happy to toy with and tease those around her. Going so far to gladly wonder around naked and even sit in rather suggestive or compromising positions, either to simply show off her looks or to simply tease and entice those around her.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf