Hadush Hanck

A massive, vaguely green-skinned orc who's recently come to town. Seems jovial enough and not so violent.

He likes food, meat especially, he likes women, he likes fun things and good pastime.

Not much special about him except his size and attitude.

If seen naked, there is a circular scar that runs somewhat entirely around his cock close to its root, much like teethmarks.

//BIO will be updated when or if I remember to do it. Reasonable OOC-questions welcome.

///To keep things brief, it's a straight character and without any interest towards homosexual, zoophilic or other acts more heavily deviating from your 'typical'. So don't ask.

As a player I reserve the right to avoid people or characters I find difficult to deal with. This includes over-the-top attention-seeking characters, harassing PvP-characters, falsely given OOC-information in BIOs (such as a 'woman' or 'female' with a cock, 'pansexual' yet lesbian characters, 'bi-curious' yet lesbian characters, or characters with greenlighted details involving male genitalia who nonetheless hate males).

Don't try to bend or break the rules by making e.g. underaged or mentally challenged characters and then defending yourself by saying 'Oh sorry I didn't know the lore'.

I will avoid players I don't agree with, and likewise hope they ignore me. If you don't want a straight, massive orc guy approaching, SAY SO IN TIME and Hadush will avoid you. It's no good saying nothing and then blubbing to a DM because someone tried to initiate some RP with your character.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc