Scraggly and generally gruff looking, though skin hardened by years of adventure, and other forums of life being thrown at him.

Dark hair graces his head. He seems to have shaved recently. While blue opals peer out into the world.

Muscular by virtue of profession, and likely blood. Scars from long gone battles paint a brutal picture. Though a gentle smile holds fast upon his face

Sporting a golden halo above his head, as well as a set of silvery white wings. Wings which seem to be fairly well groomed, and cleaned, on a regular basis.

Overall one would feel that without either of these two 'special' traits, he would seem an ordinary, average person. Apt descriptors of Wesh would be; plain, vanilla, or even oatmeal. A not-so-simple man, just living life.

Lights (ERP stuff)

Most anything goes, just PM me if you want to make sure. Otherwise some preferences are; Women, Feminine people in general, BDSM (dom), teasing, and general romance.
Scat, Vore, We'll find out!
Player:Void Knight
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human