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This towering colossus of a (fully featured) woman looks like she has been sculpted over many years of harsh violence. Strong muscles protrude her husky physique with barely any fat to round her forms, beyond her shapely bosom. Bruises and abrasions adorn her skin; along with her calloused big hands, there's little room for doubt. She not only knows how to throw a punch, but she probably does it very often.

Her face is angular, framed by strong cheekbones and dirty blonde short hair. Her light brown stare burns with a distant flame of determination. Her full lips often sport a cut or two, and by some miraculous twist of fate, her nose doesn't look like it has ever been broken.

Greens: Males, females, futa, rough stuff, beatings, rape, masochism, oral, vaginal, anal, forceful gangbangs, ropes, cocks of all sizes and shapes, monsters of all sizes and shapes, blood, general violent behavior, walks on the beach, fun conversations

Yellows: Soft doms, females that can't really overpower her, be it physically or magically, slavery, cute stuff, body modification, pegging

Reds: Permanent stuff, scat, most vore, bimbofication, godmodding, boring (for me) mental domination, lactation

A note on rough stuff: this doesn't mean she'll just agree to get hit on her face for your pleasure, but don't be scared to allow your more forceful characters to do some forceful shenanigans. Ram ended up turning into some sort of ryona fantasy, so punches, kicks, maybe a few broken bones, it's all fine by me! But be reasonable! She is a skilled street fighter after all, and godmodding makes me sleep.

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Player:a celestial body of crimson emissions
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human