Gaylean Ralien

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Update: 2020/7/31

Gaylean is a tall woman, amost 6 feet (about 180 cm), has a powerful built body, broad shoulders, athletic, very well toned muscles, and shows a good control of her body.

Very firm breasts, hourglass waist but the hips ar not too wide, which united to long legs hints she can be a fast runner.

She poses self-confident, looks around curiously, can act dominating by istinct, without thinking, but always trying to be polite even if not always too much formal. Beware of her mischevious and twisted sense of humor

After talking to her or watching her behavior you may hint she is very protective for who she cares for, no matter who they are, a simple person in needs, a friend, a slave.

Gaylean is a Mistress, and has her own view of Dominance and submission, she cares a lot for who submit to her, acting time to time more as a Mother than a Dominatrix. She hates unnecessary violence, but do not hesitate to whip who deserves it.
Rarely, when in good mood and in presence of who she likes and trust, she could even accept a game of roles switching.

Gaylean loves to have a big family, with people who loves each other, and is searching for girls who would like such environment (romance, cuddles, D/s and/or BDSM).
Of course one time meetings for simple fun are always welcome.

OOC and Tell friendly, if busy will let you know. Player is not born with english as native language, so be patient and fell free to send a tell for explanation and correction of language, I am happy to learn more.
Usually write short, fast emotes, let me know if this is uncomfortable for you.

Green - Females, herms, romance, flirting, cuddling and teasing, D/s play, casual chatting
Yellow - Shemales
Red - Server rules (of course), permanent damage and/or death, males, scat, vomit, general toiled play, rape, kidnapping
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human