Illyara Tel'vae

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gt;Before you would stand a statuesque elven specimen, approaching six foot and accompanied by dusky silver hair alongside ebon skin, as many of her dark kin do. An assortment of trinkets and curios strewn amidst messy strands; oft hints of bone, thorn, or flora in nature. Face touched by tribal markings, runic symbols that dance across visage and draw attention to grayish blue eyes. A peculiar imbalance of color amongst them, left most eye faded and distant, a dull cloudiness that hints at long past trauma. Slipping lower she presents an ample bust pulled tight into shirt, loose sleeves draped along arms and ending in sharp fingertips. Concluding with a pair of robust legs and generous hips, used to trekking the earthen wilds in search of both prey and foliage.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human