Elizabeth Thompson

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Race: Human?
Name: Mary Elizabeth Thompson
Known as: "Betty"
Identity: Female
Expression: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: How dare?
Height: A Giant 5'!!
Weight: ...
Build: Plump
Skin Color: Tanned
Eye Color: Sunset (civil)
Deity: [RP]
Languages: Common.

Greens: Sex, Gold, the Sea.
Yellows: Gore.
Reds: Vomit, Vore, Scat.

Strands of natural honey blonde hair frame the doll-like countenance of this sunset eyed lass. Unruly locks that hang straight when wet, never take a decent curl, and pin up with some effort.

Full lips ever set in a grin, project a happy, easy-going demeanor; but will easily transform into a frown should her ire be raised.

A pair of eyes that display the colors of the sun upon the horizon, hide behind a set of heavy lashes, in a bright eyed gaze that curiously inspects the world around her. Often keen to narrow in on some delicious morsel that catches her fancy - usually carnal in nature - be that a victim, or a prize.

An uplifted gaze at the taller world around her, reveals a long narrow neck that leads to a narrow trunk topped with soft sculpted shoulders. Two heavy round breasts oft sat perched on display, with large knobby nipples barely contained. Long, defined arms relay a life of some labor, and a skill-set where swiftness or precision were desired. A pair of small scarred hands retained all ten thin, deft fingers which could exact those most delicate of tasks.

A thin waist, flared out to a set of wide hips, and bubbled ass which had some jiggle; but were usually contained in a tight pair of trousers, but not always.

The height of thighs, set subtly apart were thick, and shapely all the down to a slim pair of ankles. Two small feet with high arches were showcased in a variety of heeled shoes, boots, or sandals.

The presence of this lass were sometimes known, sometimes not; but one thing were often true and that was the obvious scent of salt and sand that she carried with her. Invariably mixed with the taint of smoke, or liquor, she generally smelled, and looked clean and tidy.

A denizen of the sea, this petite lass holds her head high, despite it all and has happened upon a new realm in which to explore her destiny.

Player:Captains Daughter
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human