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This is Jocelyn of the Wealdath, a wood-elf mercenary by first glance, and to anyone with a real sense of smell, she gives off a feral, predatory impression that reminds of a prowling beast despite her diminutive size.

She moves a lot like one too, with her great blade buckled at her hip, and it's clear that despite the weight and her size she can use it - her fine musculature prominent where-ever flesh is visible, and her green eyes as sharp as any knife and very strangely keen.  Her hair is messy, untamed, and wild - a dark, dark copper hue that tumbles over her shoulders unbound.  The only makeup she's wearing is a bit of black around her eyes, which doesn't help their sharp appearance very much.  Occasionally her ears move slightly. Sometimes, she scents the air.

Fine featured, with dusky skin and a sun-kissed complexion, she seems young and in the prime of her health.  Her voice, when she speaks, tells of the southern sands bordering Tethyr, and the light music of the deep forest, with just the hint of something else husky beneath it.

She is wearing a dog's collar, with a little heart-shaped tag.  'Vincent.'

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Do not disrespect me as a player.
Pregnancy/Heavy Torture/Permanent Changes (Discuss First in all cases).  Walk-up sex addicts (Don't expect instantly laid).
I prefer persistent, well-written characters, adventures, storylines - whatever's IC, I'll do it.  That does include all types of sexual acts not listed in Yellow, or against server rules.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Uknown