Sessia Visen

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Height: Around 9 or 10 feet (304cm)
Weight: 1,400ish lbs(635kg)
Race: Minotaur fertility avatar
Sex: Shemale
Hair: Black, long
Eyes: Gold
Lipstick: Gold
Skin: Dark brown
Ethnicity: Egyptian
Profession: Fertility Priestess; druid.

Tremendously tall the dusky woman before you stands with rich thick sable hair cascading down her bare shoulders. A pair of striking golden eyes alight with a mystical radiance peer down from above, and she seems to be heavily decorated in gold jewelry matching all throughout. Her lips are full and soft, painted gold as well, and usually may be seen to carry a serene smile. While a great and towering creature she strikes a calming peaceful expression and radiates an aura of comfort betraying her planar godtouched features.

Her shoulders are broad and muscular. The form of the statuesque minotaur carries no needless waste muscle bulk where not needed; her whole figure is powerful, thick, dense and effective in its athleticism. The muscles cut down her back and arms and clearly define her abs and thighs. While her breasts are average to her form they yet fill a D by human standards, and are always bare as the bulk of her torso.

The hips of the striking minotauress flow to her strong legs, but her waist bears two features of note. Complimenting the abundance of gold jewelry she so visibly adores is also a delicate gold chain around her waist. Its amulet is in the shape of a heart, and within it a red heart of some solid matter, suspended within the amulets frame. Just above the deep V of her crotch she also bears a tattoo of the Taurus symbol, bequeathed upon her by the godqueen of her land as a reward for piety, that her fertility and granted powers of life will allow her to act in her domain.

While she is spartanly clothed at the best of times she does at least make an attempt to wear a loincloth, though it doesn't often do very much. Her wide hips leave plenty of gap between large body crushing thighs and the cloth drapes and flows as it wishes.  Not uncommonly sighted at all is the tremendous pair of melon sized testes packed between them. Smooth and hairless they were always so full, so bloated, and so sore with the unbearable volume of her overwhelmingly fertile womb-divers. Sloshing with her footsteps those swollen balls were met above by the wrinkled folds of a sheath, but when revealed or aroused the light pink tip of a flat flared penis was visible. Always drooling her cum in raw excess overflowing from her balls it was a constantly messy tool. Dripping, dribbling, oozing its so thick musky seed and glistening in its own cum-slickness along the fat veiny length when it does slip fully free. Though much less noticed, she also bears the sweet tender folds of a feminine slit nestled behind those hot and musty balls.

Although she keeps her hygiene well maintained those with senses beyond that of a normal humanoid may detect within close range the tingle of pheromone touching their noses, while others may be woefully unaware, but growing at peace and with minds much more openly wandering to lewd distractions. It's not uncommon however that the scent of oozing seed and her massive swollen and heavy testes is more prominent though when near or stimulated; the heady musky aroma of the minotaur lust filling the senses and prone to clouding complex thought or rationality. The overwhelming aroma was a potent promise of the raw power of her loins, stirring addictive primal instincts to indulge in its offering as it breaks down will until one is left craving and musk-drunk. So spectacularly blessed was her seed at bringing life that only another avatar may dilute it, ensuring that magics were ineffective to restrain the effect of her virility- even the earth upon which it spilled bloomed in flowers and saplings.

Beyond the more intimates, the domain of fertility carried broad responsibility. This minotauress can often be found in places of abundant life, or the lack of it which she may seek to change. Raising vast wildlands one might find themselves enticed by the appeal of exotic or never before seen magical reagents, or her services may be sought by lovers seeking enhancement to their bodies or assisted pregnancy.

Greens/special themes:

*Breeding and all rp involved

*Fast pregnancy - usually a week, can happen off-screen or implied if desired. Discuss.

*Seduction, scent play, and gradual musk-drunk mindbreak it brings

*Messy oral and sex; cum marking

*Tribal and druidic settings, or the
taming or exploitation of it

*Role reversal- Often soft (but rough) dom, but may sub. Ask!

*Magical rp, sexual or not

*Rituals, sexual or not

*Temporary or long term breast expansion or body changes

*Cervical penetration and nice full bloated happy wombs~

*Breastplay, very big breasts, and lactation

*Perky nipples, soft puffy pussies, and innocent accidental panty teases.

*Relationships and flirting, and satisfying cheating wives. (She is good at keeping secrets)

*Crotch, body and muscle worship! Especially with lipstick marks!

*High heels and short skirts

*Female and futa alike

*Rough or romantic- She may take control and be forceful, or may be sweet

*OOC chatting or planning meeting or scenes. Always down to make friends!

Reds: Toilet stuff, way too small sized characters for her like halflings, and rape.
Player:Fertile Footsteps
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human