Iltani Tabni-Ishtar

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Also, Iltani's not a devil.

Name: Iltani "Tani" Tabni-Ishtar
Race: Claims to be an Elf
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Height: 5'10"
Eyes: Fiery Red
Skin: Flawless, smooth porcelain. Unnaturally warm to touch.
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Build: Curvaceous, soft. Child-bearing hips.
Bust: Ample, but not gargantuan.
Voice: Low and sultry.
Scent: As burning spice - heady, intoxicating, makes your nose feel warm. When angry, becomes more like sulfur and burning flesh.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Sexual Orientation: Anything Sentient
Preferred Role: Switch, but insists she's a Dom
Interests: Acquiring more things, particularly gold, magic items, and rare luxuries, and especially those which belong to other people. Demonstrating her superiority. Simultaneously hating and being extremely horny for anyone who can match her in a fight. Drowning pain in copious amounts of alcohol. Desperately pining for someone, anyone, to show her genuine warmth and affection for the first time in her life, but being afraid to admit it.

Physical Description and Demeanor

Iltani's 5'10" form, while tall, is hardly enough to tower over most people, yet she seems to do that anyways. Perhaps  it's the product of the intense, almost palpable, confidence - some would say arrogance - that emanates from her every movement and drips from her every word. Or maybe it's just the high heels she wears everywhere, never seeming to be inconvenienced by them. Whatever the case, Iltani makes everyone around her feel small.

Iltani doesn't walk, so much as prowl. Her every motion seems like that of a predator on the hunt. Her presence is both thrilling and terrifying, sending shivers down your spine. You feel the urge to get closer in the same way you feel the urge to jump when you behold the edge of a cliff.

You can't decide whether her eyes are the color of rich wine, blood, or fire. Something tells you it's all of the above. Either way, against her flawless, porcelain skin, they stand out like blood splashed on white cloth. Reflections seem to flicker and dance on their surface, as if by firelight, even when there are no fires to be found. She looks at almost everything as a hungry predator might look at their next meal.

Were you to get close enough to touch her - an opportunity it seems many would die for, and some have - you would be able to feel the unnatural warmth of her skin. Far from uncomfortable to the touch, it seems to welcome you like the heat of a sauna, relieving your tension and smothering your anxieties, as if beckoning you to surrender herself to her.

Notes for Interested Persons

Iltani has an intensely powerful magical aura, if one could detect such things. It very distinctly appears to belong to a much _larger_ creature.


 Watersports, scat, etc.
 Child-like characters in ERP (fine in non-sexual RP - also, I don't include all small characters as "child-like.")

 Anything permanent (Requires long RP)

 Everything else

 Long RP with Character Development
 Rivalries with Hatefucking
 Monsters & Beastmen
 Cute girls
 Petplay (in both directions)
 Size Difference
 Rough Sex
 Physical Abuse, esp. spanking
 Dubious Consent
 Turnabout (switching dom/sub roles)
 Dirty Talk/Verbal Abuse
 Capture/Kidnapping (Short-term)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human