Name: Merkatea
Height: 6'1"
Species: Erinyes
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Dickgirl (Equine)
Role: Dom

-Aspiring Sex Devil Queen-

A powerful winged devil from the depths of the Nine Hells. The Erinyes are said to be the descendants of those angels that followed Asmodeus after his fall from Celestia. They resemble distorted, predatory versions of female angels. Despite their beauty, the Erinyes are creatures of sadistic wrath, gleefully throwing themselves into battle armed with wicked barbed whips and infernal longbows.

Merkatea is an Erinyes of middling power. Old enough that the searing rage within her has cooled to more manageable levels. Wholly supernatural in appearance, her dark skin adorned with a dizzying array of intricate infernal tattoos, all crafted of an enchanted ink with a sickly green glow. Her eyes radiate with the same baleful light, always gleaming with predatory intent even at her most serene moments. Twisted horns erupt from her brow, curling back across her head.

Her form is curvaceous and womanly at a glance. Heavy breasts, broad hips and a slender, toned belly. Despite her overall soft appearance, she is clearly quite fit aswell, with taut, lean musculature beneath more cushioned layers. Two massive black feathered wings erupt from her back, seeming to vary in size at Merkatea's whim. She periodically sheds jet-black feathers, which slowly dissolve into an inky black substance. Her otherwise human looking limbs bear small hooked talons rather than fingernails and toenails.

A glowing green tail swishes about behind her. An appendage apparently made of pure infernal energy, it sometimes flickers and may even momentarily vanish, before slowly fading back into existence again.

A scent of smoke and exotic incense always fills the air about her, though notes of a much more virile and potent musk occasionally break through her perfume.

With little to no effort on Merkatea's part to conceal its presence, the outline of a dauntingly large equine shaft can often be clearly seen through whatever outfit she might be wearing.


Merkatea may take many forms, but she is loathe to use this power, preferring her own body. She can also alter aspects of her own anatomy, changing her body size, aswell as the number and size of various limbs and appendages,

Corruptive Cum:
Suffused with wicked demonic energies, overexposure to Merkatea's seed can cause all sorts of unpredictable side effects.

As a devil of moderate standing, she may summon other devils, usually in return for a favour. Though if they are summoned into an enticing enough situation, they may forego the need for payment.

Merkatea can sprout tentacles from her form at will. They can take different forms depending on her mood, from smooth and phallic to more segmented and insect-like to ones composed of pure corruptive energy.

Infernal Musk:
A scent that starts subtly at first, slowly working its way into a delicate nose, laden with diabolic pheremones, aphrodisiacs and corruptive fell energy, even the strong willed have difficulty resisting.

i strive to be as approachable as I can. Tell friendly, feel free to message whether it be to set something up or to offer comments/feedback. Kinks are not mandatory, so be open if something makes you uncomfortable.


Slavery, Bondage, Spanking, Musk/Scent, Corruption, Piercings, Anal,, Cock/Ball Worship, Oral,  Roughness, Hairpulling, Lactation, Tentacles (Her wielding them)

Breeding, Non-Con or Con


Death, Gore, Serious Violence, Scat

While Merketea is prone to possessive and jealous behaviours, the player prefers to avoid commitment and keep things open.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human