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A young woman, barely out of her teens, with fair skin, speckled in pale freckles. Light, straw colored hair falls past her shoulders, often somewhat tangled, but manageable.

The bone structure of her face gives her a naturally innocent appearance, especially those large, sky blue eyes of hers; watchful, wary, and distrusting of most folk.

Her body is slender and lithe with firm, generous hips and butt, leaving just enough bounce to possibly draw the eye. Her breasts are only a touch over average in size, but for Sinifar standards, they might be considered small.

She definitely came from a poor background, likely born, or abandoned, in the slums where she grew up. Now that she's too old to be used as another invisible street urchin, and so far managing to avoid being sold or recruited into one of the numerous brothels, she's stuck figuring things out on her own.

Out of Character Information and Lights

Green Lights

Being approached. Conversation. General vanilla RP without any sexual expectations.
Dominant and/or aggressive males of all races, though I have a particular fondness for non-standard/monstrous types. Beasts. Animals. Abduction. Binds. Force. Toys. Equipment. Dark themes. Groping. Spanking. Light BDSM. Pain. Violence. Tentacles. Experimentation. Anal. Oral. Vaginal. Stretching. Cum baths. Submissive/slave training. Forced enslavement. And more! Questions? feel free to ask via tell.

Yellow Lights

Females/female presenting.

Red Lights

Other things belonging in a toilet. Growing a cock on her. Violating server rules. PvP. Vanilla ERP. Anything too lovey dovey.

Feel free to seek her out if her location's visible.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human