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Description: WIP.

Rumors: Currently looking for a teacher in the magical arts.

First Name: Siv.
Last Name: Unknown.

Race: Vulpine.
Gender: Female.

Age: Young Adult.
Height: 4'7" / 139 cm.
Weight: 74 lbs / 33 kg.
Hair: Blood Red.
Eyes: Green.
Fur: Orange-red.

Occupation: Maid.

Green: Beastly races, being submissive, breeding, casual sex, clothed sex, impregnation, men, mentor/student, quickies, risk of pregnancy, teasing, polyamory.

Yellow: Being dominant, violence.

Red: Anal, amputation, extreme sub/dom, godmodding, gore, mutilation, permanent death, scat, torture, vore, watersports.


Player is Tell and Set-up friendly.

I go with the flow of the RP, but if there is something that bothers me, I will say so.

Created on 2020/05/13.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human