Warau Egao

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Character Name
° Egao, Smiley, Warai?

Character Age
° 22 (Mortal)
° ~2000 (Grinion)

Character Race
° Daemon minion of Warai, the Laughing Beast
° Human (former)

Character Gender
° Shemale

Notable Features
° White, featureless eyes.
° Sharp teeth; always smiling.
° Thick, curved horns.
° Prehensile tail, can split to have three 'fingers'.
° Combination of humanoid, canine, vulpine, and caprine qualities.

° Very Short height, slightly supple build.
° Meaty legs supporting her bubbly rear.
° Light gray and red fur, resembling Warai himself.

° Laughs often, and for seemingly no reason.
° Blows raspberries.
° Slightly ethereal/vocoded quality at times, and during telepathy.

° Common.
° Infernal.
° Abyssal.
° Celestial.
° Primordial.


° Minion.
° Eraser/Recruiter

° Remembers bits and pieces, but not enough to form a full picture.
° Trying to remember is... really funny to her, for some reason.

Ancestral Home
° Grinning Abyss; Highly-morphic demiplane of The Laughing Beast, Warai.
° Contemporary Alternate Earth (former)

Magic Type
° Arcane.
° Eldritch.

Observations and Traits
° Resistant to poisons and seemingly immune to Sleep, sedation, and depressants; Rendering intoxicants like alcohol into mere mood-heighteners.
° While she is supernaturally resilient to physical harm and slightly spell and power resistant, it's hardly any more so than a lesser daemon would be. She still bends, breaks, and bleeds.

° Touch Telepathy
° Hideous Laughter
° Non-Verbal Agreement


Touch Telepathy
° When she makes contact with the flesh of a living target, Egao can converse with them as if manifesting 'Mindlink'. While the effect is notably harmless, it can be resisted actively by a target with power resistance. The range improves to the entire plane when linking with another Grinion or a contracted summoner.

Hideous Laughter
° Egao can, at the cost of being affected herself, manifest Warai's laughter and afflict a single target with bouts of uncontrollable, manic laughter; rendering them both prone and helpless. This can be resisted entirely with a DC 16 will save or any amount of power resistance. Those that resist with a successful save can still hear the cackling, however.

Non-Verbal Agreement
° On a helpless target (unconcious, prone with laughter, experiencing multiple orgasms, etc.) Egao can forcibly planeshift her target to the Grinning Abyss.


Abilities Note
° These are RP abilities and are totally reliant on OOC consent to function. Play along or don't; totally at your own discretion.




° Nothing is off the table.

Yellow (Ask for OOC Consent)
° Character Death, Mutilation, Bad Ends, OOC Approaches.

° Generally everything else. When in doubt about something specific, just ask me.

White (Favorites)
° Vanilla, Anal, Breathplay, Size Difference, Multiple Penetration, Excessive Fluids, Bulges/Inflation, Males, Shemales, Musk, Rimming, Face-Sitting, Non-Penetrative Sex, Alt-Vore, Contortionism, Burps, Sweat, etc.
Player:Laugh Pup
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human