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A tall, freckled half-elven female with platinum white hair and pure white luminescent eyes. Even though she's occasionally mistaken for an extremely effeminate young man due to her flat chest and height, she seems good-natured about it, and will joke around with those who make the mistake. Her earlobes are pierced and stretched with large platinum gauges.


Female by default, though she has shapechanging capabilities and surprise cocks can happen (usually by request).  Total switch as both.

Lewd amounts of cum, all genders and most races, powerbottoming, anal, feet, excessive dirty talk, passion, cuddling.  Many more.  This is a list of favorites, but certainly not a conclusive one.

Bathroom play (highly situational and mood-dependent).

Anything gory or gross, pregnancy, palemasters using improved expertise in duels (hard pass on the 5+ minute matches of nothing happening; I'll gladly leave the arena if you want it).
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human