Chartreuse Manor

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[[General Details]]
Name: Chartreuse Manor
Gender: Female
Race: Human - Outsider
Disposition: Switch


Update: 16/03/2021

Temporarily she has bright pink hair and her typically green tattoos are also pink.

Before you stands a green haired gal with hair shoulder length. Of an average build, clearly not a combative sort but shapely and appealing to look upon all the same a toned dancers body of great visual appeal. Her eyes of a emerald green hue set within black eyes, sitting within her soft skinned face showing her youthful appearance.

Typically she carries with her a small book attached to her belt by a chain along with a small bag containing small trinkets, tools and other objects she finds helpful to carry. Her attire is as varied as her tastes, the style of business ware, including boots and as of late, a short black skirt.

Those of an arcane persuasion would potentially sense something is off as if her grip to this plane is loose.
Those familiar with Scarlet Alexia would notice a striking resemblance.

[[Traffic Lights]]
For the most part I am fairly open to most however I will highlight some reds

Bathroom stuff
Pregnancy and related.

Player:Chartreuse Alexia
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human