Elena Intar

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Sweet, sweet agony.



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At a Glance

Name: Elena Intar
Pronunciation: El-eh-na In-tar
Title: Whipmistress
Race: Mixed - Faerûnian Human
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Birth: 4th of Nightal, 1347 DR
Height: Middling - 5'9" - 175cm
Build: Buxom, top-heavy
Hair: Red
Complexion: Fair
Eyes: Blue-grey



With deliciously provocative features and a body worthy of the most lascivious dreams, this redhead is the sort to attract attention anywhere she goes. But the bitchy expressions she often wears make her appear standoffish, self-absorbed, and prepared to offer a painful rebuke to anyone daring enough to proposition her.

A silver stud rests just below full, pouty lips that would twist delightfully if only she were to smile. Her lashes are thick, long, and darkened by meticulously-applied mascara, casting a sultry aspect over eyes of steely blue that might otherwise appear cold and hard. She tends to keep her hair straight and loose, framing her face in such a way that emphasizes the youthful softness and femininity of her features. She is no angular fey beauty, but rather more doll-like, and what harshness manifests on her face is a matter of demeanor more than appearance.

Her body is much the same: soft, youthful, and voluptuous in the right places. She is clearly no warrior, but neither is she plump. Elena is most endowed in the bust, and her breasts manage to be more than handfuls without losing the pertness that those of modest size tend to exhibit. Despite her unapproachable demeanor, she seems to enjoy flaunting her assets, and her attire frequently bares far more of her fair skin than might be considered modest. The robe she most often favors straddles the line between corset-shod fetish gear and ritual attire, leaving little about her alluring silhouette to the imagination.

The priestess favors black, which slims her waist and further enhances her figure. Red, hued like blood or lacerated flesh, typically accents her outfits. Few ensembles are complete without a cloak emblazoned with the unholy symbol of Loviatar, the Maiden of Pain. Those who linger near her in spite of this are sometimes treated to one of her rare, intoxicating smiles, which quite simply beg the onlooker to tempt agony for a chance at her indulgence.



Elena has the abilities of a high level cleric and access to a wide variety of thematically-appropriate spells present in the 3.5 rules, such as Sadism and Masochism. Other abilities are pulled from the Maiden of Pain prestige class. Their use depends on the consent of all involved parties.

Domains. Lust, Pain, Wrath.

Agony Addiction. Elena has a permanent addiction to the drug agony, also known as liquid pain. However, her addiction to the drug is mild and cannot grow worse. Each day that she goes without a dose of agony, she takes 1d3 points of Dexterity damage. In addition, the negative effects of the drug are blunted by her intimate familiarity with pain. The initial effect of a dose of agony is to stun her for 1d4-1 rounds and force her to take only a single action each round for 1d4 minutes after that.

Lasher. Elena can use a whip to deliver touch attacks. This ability effectively gives her 15-foot reach with a touch spell or with her pain touch ability. If she desires, she can make a normal attack with the whip when delivering a touch effect, but in this case she must make a successful melee attack rather than a touch attack. Elena can deliver a touch spell through her whip even against creatures that are normally unaffected by whip attacks.

Pain Touch (4x / day). Elena can use a melee touch attack to deliver wracking pain to a single opponent. If she succeeds on the touch attack, the opponent must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 50). A creature that fails this saving throw is stunned for 1 round, until just before Elena's next action. Constructs, oozes, plants, undead, incorporeal creatures, and creatures immune to critical hits can't be stunned.


Lore & Personality

Elena comes from a mercantile household that gained its wealth and influence by crushing others. An upbringing steeped in callous selfishness and lacking affection molded her into wickedness; early on, she realized that she enjoyed hurting people. Her descent into depravity and violence culminated with the mantle of a priestess of Loviatar - the Faerûnian goddess of pain, torture, lust, and retribution.

The Whipmistress has the gleefully mean heart of a bully and the finely-honed talents of a dedicated torturer. She is superficially beautiful and unobtainable, resembling the sort of woman who would deliver a stinging rejection followed by equally stinging laughter. Yet, her sexual proclivities ensure that she's far easier to bed than she might appear - particularly by those who are willing to submit to the sadism that she finds so titillating.

When denied something, Elena is prone to tempestuous mood swings and the sort of fiery outbursts one might expect from an overindulged brat. She is socially polarizing; some might find her sardonic charm, low cunning, and sultry mannerisms intoxicating. Others may simply consider her a petty bitch with few redeeming qualities.

As with any promising priestess, her devotion to her faith is substantial. Fortunately, Loviatar demands little from Elena beyond behaviors she already finds appealing. She is capable of leading various rites and ceremonies, and will offer blessings and other clerical services when convenient. Proselytizing is generally reserved for pliable playthings.

Faerûnians may discern the following:

Lore - DC 10. Elena appears of mixed heritage: Damaran and Chondathan.

Lore - DC 20. Elena's manner of speech reflects the linguistic idiosyncrasies of the city of Mulmaster.

Lore - DC 30. Intar was a merchant-lord in the Moonsea; his descendants constitute a sprawling clan with their fingers in many intrigues.

Lore - DC 40. Tarvos Intar is a Blade of Mulmaster, one of that city's ruling oligarchs. Elena is likely his relative.


Plot Hooks

Pain Queen. Elena hurts people. Some enjoy that. Masochists and those otherwise curious are encouraged to seek her out; she has priestly duties, after all.

Gilded Girl. Born into wealth, Elena has expensive tastes and the mind to facilitate them. She makes for a shrewd partner in the right enterprise.

Bad Religion. Priestesses of Loviatar have long found allies among related faiths - and perpetrating evil is always more fun with company. Banites and other nefarious characters might get along with her.


OOC Notes

Tell-friendly. I try to remain approachable and considerate! Just don't be weird, clingy, or catty, please.

I'm sometimes AFK, but will try very hard not to AFK during a committed scene.

I always enjoy literacy and thoughtful story-driven roleplay. My interest in SRP varies with my mood and I may not always feel up for it.

I am easily capable of multi-paragraph roleplay but generally prefer to keep posts shorter and snappier. This may vary with context, however.

My Forgotten Realms lore comes from 3rd and 2nd edition material, with which I'm quite well-versed; I don't tend to pay attention to the other stuff.


Sexy Stuff

Elena fell in love; she's now in a relationship and closed to ERP. Shocking, I know.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human