Alonz Mefaratti

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Height: 7'2
Weight: 350 pounds
Body type: Fat and muscular, very bulky.
Race: Orc or perhaps Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Age: 40ish

Light skinned and completely bald orc. Large and sharp teeth, sticking out of his mouth along with his tusks. He is well groomed, usually wearing a nice suit, well fitted glasses, and an expensive cigar in his mouth. He is quite well spoken, his demeanor however shows that he is indeed a brute, and a thug, with rage boiling down beneath his civilised appearance, loosing control from time to time. Small tattoo of a bloodied crown, on his cheek bone, without a doubt represents his high rank, in some kind of organized crime group.

When idle, mostly in the slums of sinifer, getting his strenght up, waiting for another prey to fall upon him, best place for him to be in, and feel comfortable, he rarely steps out, unless on a mission, be it to buy cupcakes or fuck shit up, rarely might feel bored and feel like exploring. He will approach, rather swiftly, anyone who gets in his eye sight in the slums area. He will try to diffuse pointless violent encounters, but will remove himself, if he cant help it, instead of protecting the innocent. He will rabidly attack while on the job though, or if he feels threatened.

Red: Server rules.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc