Valeria Wyrd

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A gold skull emblem hangs around her neck from a choker, twisted into a demon's visage, denoting that she belongs to, worships, or is most likely a servant of Enma, King of Hell.

She looks relatively calm and self-assured, despite her crownlike infernal horns and an apparent penchant for clothing that barely deserves the title.

Physically she is full-bodied and soft, a smooth hourglass figure perfectly balanced in stiletto heels, a form that's neither too fat nor too skinny but exactly correct for her species. She is a "Muma-oni" Succubus - a 'Demon of Dreams' focused on maintaining Jigoku-do's bureaucracy rather than stealing or exploiting mortal souls through sex. It's just as well; if carnality could be compared to a battlefield, Valeria Wyrd would be the equivalent of fielding an armored cavalry division.

Although by ethnicity, she seems to be Suloise, she most often wears Kozakuran garments, albeit very revealing ones.

Light System:

Tell friendly. Prefers chill RP, story, voted most likely to get to know your character in 1357DR by a panel of impartial squirrels.

Ask before heavy torture, mind break, rape. Inform me if you are time limited.

Forced pregnancy, incest.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human