Aljina Nehra

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Aljina Maelstrom Nehra.  "Jina".
Human female of dark complexion.
- Black hair and dark eyes.
- Definitely over 30..  Possibly over 40..  Hard to tell with that complexion though.
- Tall, pushing six feet, and very athletic.
- Excellent posture, poise and manners.  Appears to have a hunched back, or at the very least a gnarled ridge of bony skin running down her upper back.

Speaks with a very slight Tashalan accent (think Received Pronounciation with an Indian lilt).  Not over given to expressions of wild emotion.  Soothing, low, musical voice.  

[I prefer a certain degree of realism in RP, which of course doesn't mean we're not all magical and wonderful.  I just might tune out of some RP.  I shall try my very best not to be disruptive when I do so, or just leave you to it.]

Please feel free to TELL if you think you'd notice more.  I'd rather have a description you can read quickly.   *hugs*

Green (don't need to ask):
- Any kind of lurid talk.
- Investment, development, long-standing relationships.
- Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll!
- Long conversations about if and how.

Yellow (let's talk!  Or, if we're acquainted these are probably green):
- BDSM, violent sex, awkwardness, bestiality, necrophilia, bunnies.
- Long conversations about why.

Red (off the table):  
- Permanent changes without appropriate role play and buy-in by yours truly.
- Expectations.
- Bio shaming.
- OOC solicitations.
- Real life.    

Yes my lights are vague and there are some glaring omissions.  The right person, at the right moment, has been known to convince me to explore things I never would have thought to try otherwise.  Don't you have moods?

Lastly, I can't believe I even need to say this, but I think halflings in schoolgirl uniforms are implicit allusions to pedophilia, and I will screenshot and report it if I see it.  

Still reading?  Gosh.  Alright...  

She's wearing a steel ring with a single loose link round her left ring finger.  Her body temperature, if you happen to get that close, runs a few degrees warm for a human, and when her eyes "flash redly" now and then in emotional moments it's actually a faint glimmer of light, not just poetic expression.  Whether you noticed is totally up to you.  

Finally, I suppose you might have heard that she gives occasional musical concerts - the Occasional Midweek Music Series, over sixty so far and still going strong - in Port Saban, usually on Tuesdays, always announced.  

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human