Aljina Nehra

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Aljina Maelstrom Nehra.  "Jina".
Human (mostly?) female of dark complexion.
- Black hair with a few grey streaks and dark, reddish-brown eyes.
- Definitely over 30..  Possibly over 40..  Hard to tell with that complexion though.  
- Tall, pushing six feet, and very athletic.
- Excellent posture, poise and manners.  Hunched back has given way to a nasty pair of gnarled scars over her scapulae, which are clearly visible on the slightly less rare occasions that she wears something backless.  [as of 4/30/2024:]  barely concealed pair of stumpy, gnarled horns protrude from either temple.

Speaks with a very slight Tashalan accent (think Received Pronunciation with an Indian lilt).  Not over given to expressions of wild emotion.  Soothing, low, musical voice.  

[I prefer a certain degree of realism in RP, which of course doesn't mean we're not all magical and wonderful.  I just might tune out of some particularly over the top RP.  I shall try my very best not to be disruptive when I do so, and just leave you to it.]

Please feel free to TELL if you think you'd notice more.  I'd rather have a description you can read quickly.   *hugs*

Green (don't need to ask):
- Questions and Answers.
- Any kind of lurid talk.
- Investment, development, long-standing relationships.
- Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll!
- Long conversations about if and how.

Yellow (let's talk!  Or, if we're acquainted these are probably green):
- BDSM, violent sex, awkwardness, bestiality, necrophilia, bunnies.
- Long conversations about why.

Red (off the table):  
- Permanent changes without appropriate role play and buy-in by yours truly.
- Expectations.
- Bio shaming.
- OOC solicitations.
- Real life.    

Yes my lights are vague and there are some glaring omissions.  The right person, at the right moment, has been known to convince me to explore things I never would have thought to try otherwise.  Don't you have moods?

Lastly, I can't believe I even need to say this, but I think halflings in schoolgirl uniforms are implicit allusions to pedophilia, and I will screenshot and report it if I see it.  

Still reading?  Gosh.  Alright...  

She's wearing a steel ring with a single loose link round her left ring finger.  Her body temperature, if you happen to get that close, runs a few degrees warm for a human, and when her eyes "flash redly" now and then in emotional moments it's actually a faint glimmer of light, not just poetic expression.  Whether you noticed is totally up to you.  

I suppose you might have heard that she used to give occasional musical concerts - the Occasional Midweek Music Series, over a hundred so far and still going strong - in Port Saban, usually on Tuesdays, always announced.  

It's been enough years now that there might be other rumors swirling about, especially in the markets of Saban, Sambrune or Mur.  Piracy, lizards, goodness knows what else.  She might once have designed houses for people, but the sign advertising this service has been taken down.  

Bards know things, at least that's what they want you to believe!  If you have something you want to know more about, why not ask this one?  

Aljina runs the Terrace Bar, a tea house, a half-way house and a distillery in Saban.  Also, the Caravanserai (and perhaps more!) in Sambrune.  Also also a cafe and a rather peculiar theater in Mur Center.  All of these are ready and dangling plot hooks.  Help yourself!

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human