Laurien Berele

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Name: Laurien Berele
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 6'1''/185cm
Build: Slim, lithe
Eyes: White irises and pupils, black sclera
Hair: Curly, color varies
Skin: Dark brown

   In the dark

A painting of a night sky, with bright moon in the middle, trapped in the frame of her eyes. Calm, still, lifeless. If eyes were windows to the soul, Laurien's were covered by thick curtains, obstructing the view.

She was blind, but not always. Her actions betrayed that. Bardess was ungainly and overly cautious in her step. Even tasks as simple as eating or pouring a glass of wine were an arduous challenge.

She laughed and smiled, but with each passing day, it was easier to see through her facade. Longing notes in her voice, when she spoke of the past. Dropping out of conversations, in favor of drifting away into her thoughts. All that and more, beneath the mask of a good, cheerful soul.

She really did live in the dark.

   The canvas

She needed a space for self-expression and she had found it in her very own body. It was covered in ink, her chocolate skin decorated in tattoos. Her natural complexion shined through only in few selected spots, such as her face.

She claimed each of her tattoos had a meaning. Even the tiniest one had a story behind it and she was willing to share it.

The biggest and most impressive, red dragon on her back, was rich in details and ready to be admired, should she choose to show it.

   The voice


OOC things.

Always happy to be involved in RP with plot. Also, currently looking and hoping to see Laurien in some long-term relationship.

Laurien's abilities are only loosely reflected by game mechanics. I won't demand you to play around them.

   Reds: The usuals. Pregnancy, first/second person emotes, openly public play.

  Greens: Good RP, privacy, rough sex, messy sex, femine characters, being on top, being on bottom.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human