Arytiss Whispermane

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Scout. Artist. Shadow Mage.

A man looking no older than 24, of seemingly mixed heritage, bearing a handsome face with pale, opalescent eyes and ears just slightly pointier than those of a human, at their very tips.
Fit and toned, his skin has a faint bronze hue to it, at first glance easily mistaken for just a tan. His charcoal black hair is being kept loose, messy yet always clean.

His right arm bears black whisp like markings that seem to soak up light, as if some shadowy tendrils have wrapped themselves around his limb.
He bears a scar on his rib, just over his lung, and a smaller matching one on his back just opposite it, seeming to come from a single, deep stab that barely missed his heart.

Prone to acting on impulse and overthinking matters in equal measure, Ary might come off as a little awkward, but nonetheless well intentioned in his dealings with others. Eager, quick to form attachments and often honest to a fault, this good natured young man just wears his heart on his sleeve. He possesses sharp senses and a keen, inquisitive mind. He speaks in a polite tone, with a friendly and chipper voice.

At times he might take the form of a magnificent specimen of a wolf, covered in fluffed snow white fur, feeling soft and warming to the touch. Retaining his lithe build, but now walking on soft paws lets him move even more gracefully, with barely a sound. Flawless pearly fangs often bare themselves into a cheeky wolfish grin without meaning to, a sight that might appear threatening if not also retaining those intelligent eyes, shimmering with that same pale opalescence as before. If observed while speaking in this form one would notice his maw does not actually move, rather his words would be projected into the listener's mind, sounding like a resonant echo of his usual voice just emanating from position.

Down for all kinds of RP (social, plots adventuring...). Especially interested in ongoing stories, building close connections & character development. ERP optional. Tell friendly.

Green: Women, Vanilla, Consent, Romance, Cuddles, Shows of Affection, Wildness, Passion, Dates, Gentle sex, Rough sex, Transformations, Beasts and ferals, Lactation, Light dom & bondage, Friends with (or without) benefits, Casual Hookups.

Yellow: Impregnation - Actual to be agreed upon, as part of ongoing rp. Teasing & attempts ok.

Red: Ary having sex with men or anyone with a dick. Toilet play, Underage characters, Heavy bdsm, Excessive violence, Pointless cruelty, Over-detailed Gore, Vore, Rape & Non-Con (both giving and receiving!).
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf