Izzara Rogers

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Gender- Female
Race - Mostly Human*
H- 6'4"
W- 125
Eyes- Gold Irises, reflective.
Hair- Platinum Blonde, Dyes colors often.
Orientaion- Bi, (Domme- Top only, never switches.)
Relationship Staus- Married ( Open, semi-open) Full time relationship with female, and two lifestyle subs.

//I am not TELL friendly. Individuals I play with regularly, know who they are and of course get a pass. Asking for clarifications, is fine.  But I'm not going to respond to random tells, if you're looking for fast/easy hook up.

//RP is required.  You will not get anywhere with me without it.  I'm a dynamic player, my toons have specific taste.  If you can't bother to find out these things by interaction, you're completely wasting time better spent on others.

Izzy as she's known , is married  to Vero Rogers.
Izzy speaks in a smooth voice, sultry tones laced into it. She has a "Southern Belle" accent, one of elegance, and sophistication, with that hint of sexy added in.
Quite tall woman, figure is well developed, but seemingly slender-like due to her hight.  Seen about her, is visible bands of golden-like colors in her skin, often mistaken for tatooes. ( some tats are there to cover and blend such.).
Her eyes also sport the semi-strange golden color.
Izzy's left arm, usually hidden by illusion, is also of the same metal. A Bio-mechanical replacement, as she had lost the arm, in a war long ago.
 As the color derrives from a metal known as Orichilum , a combination of magically infused True Elements.  Shes "agumented" with several artificial enhancements of this nature, as where she's originally from, was quite common practice.

Reds - As usual, anything against server rules, god modding/power-playing. Scat, gore. No Pregenancy play options.  No extreme size differences, body or anatomy. No perma changes, or body morphing allowed. I am -NOT- random tell friendly.

Yellow- Izzy has certain criteria for being with men. ( BDSM domination of them) ... Other than Vero, her soon to be husband, she's most likely highly disinterested up front.

Green-  Rp it. Prefers females.  Will take submissives, but only under long term RP will she collar.  Can scene from light end bdsm, to hardcore, but only with those she knows and trust well.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human