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Name : Valis
Race : Elf
Age : Look around her mid twenties
Aura : Strong Lawfull, weak evil
Height : 6'1"
Weight : 145lbs
Skin : Fair, white almost
Hairs : White
Eyes : Green

The look
Tall and lithe, the woman seemed to come from a military background from how she stood and moved, her movements were precise. The woman had a fair bit of muscle, but they were not bulging due to being hidden under a thin layer of fat, unless she tensed her muscles. The only place that seemed to be the exception to the rule were her abs, as those were rather well defined. Her breast were generous and firm, and due to her clothing choice, often partially on display. Her rear was perfectly shaped and round with just the right around of firmness to make the prospect of groping it a pleasant one.


White : Slow burn scenes, subbing, light bondage, collars, mind games, blood play, teasing during the act, sexual conditioning,

Green : Doming, dubious-con, Anal/Vaginal/Oral sex, pain play, vanilla sex, female/shemale, clothed sex, clothes play, themes related to slavery, multiple orgasm, light degradation and humiliation (Treating her as a sex slave in the bedroom, but cherishing her as one)

Yellow : Watersports, foot play, permanent anything, extreme degradation and humiliation, brutal rape, unclean stuff (Unwashed dick, etc), massive sexual organs that shouldn't fit anywhere

Red : Illegal stuff, gore (Blood is fine, but not dismembering breaking bones etc), scat, pregnancy
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human