Darthiir Shaiith

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Full portrait, artist is the amazing BBChan and the piece was gifted by Sevk : https://tinyurl.com/yc5xquzt

Clan leader of Clan Shaiith

You tried being evil..? You're shit at being evil - Talika

Notable Victims :
-Janita - fingers cut off, spine raked - paid for

Notable kills :
-Sha'theliel Valar - Choked to death -Permadeath
-Inarra Auvryviir - "Resisted" Arrest in Maurnan, turned into a pin cushion for magic missles - Raised and jailed
-Oliver AKA Suspicious Hoodlums - Bested in a messy fight as he tried to escape his judgement, harmed to near death before being burnt to a crisp by magic

People having destroyed her  :
-Talika - Turned to ribbons by blade barrier then had her left arm eaten by Akanma
-Seilara & Garoth - Assaulted her with her pet feary dragon, slowly killed by arcane barrage as she was confused by the cute little creature
Player:Undying Vault
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf