Sousuke Escoffier

Name: Sousuke
Gender: Male
Species: Rabbit/Mystic
Age: 2760 (About 28)
Height:  42
Build: Lean, Toned
Role: Switch

Before you looks to be an unassuming creature. Usually with his nose buried deep inside of a book. While his face might not be seen, a long set of ears would stick out high above the cover. Wiggling back and forth to the various sounds around him. Something would seem off, while bunny creatures might not be uncommon for the isles. Sousuke was different, having come from a seperate reality entirely, he finds himself in a strange new world all by himself, with no way to return home, his people scattered across the limitless number of realities that have, could and would exist. While for some. This might be a depressing situation. Sousuke seems to find a way to keep himself going. Either by losing himself to a good book. Tinkering around with an odd looking watch in his hands. Or by wandering around. The bun seems to be taking things in stride, wanting to see where fate will lead him next..


White: Breeding, Plot based RP, Long Term RP, Bondage, Slavery, Magic, Alteration.

Green: Herms, Females, Shemales, Interesting creatures, Mind control, Potions Elixirs Drugs, Plot Twists, Non Con (I will roll with pretty much anything)

Yellows: Males (Really depends on how I am feeling and how the RP goes)

Reds: Bathroom Stuff, Permadeath, Anything against server rules.

(Note: I am very tell friendly. Please feel free to shoot me a message if you would like to set something up. If there is something not listed you would like to know about, feel free to ask! Pretty open and flexible as a player!)

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling