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Name: Jam
Race: Primordial Ooze
Gender: Gynomorph (Typically)
Height: 8'4
Weight: 500 lbs
Occupation: Fleshwarper, Punching Bag, OSHA Inspector (Oh Shit, Huge Ass)
Build: Badonkachonk
Grade SS Devastating Ass=<<
Scent: Tar, Latex, Musk, Citrus


   An inky black void of indeterminate origin; Bearing innumerable shapes and rife with the potential to subsume more. Jam typically favors taking the shape of a Mephitimorph, or skunk beast-person, with a ridiculously round ass and hip-centric, pear-shaped figure.

   Jam is made up of a nebulous, glistering black material which she appears to have -very- fine control of; Reshaping herself into various creatures with relative ease, though studying her subjects can allow her to mimic them with more fidelity of function as well as form.


Manipulate Form:

   Jam can modify the form of any creature or object through physical contact. Should they be willing, or fail to resist, sentient creatures would experience a period of semi-consciousness to blunt the shock of changing form.

   Jam may use this ability to change a minor aspect of the target, such as the shape of its head or the color of its scales. It may also choose to make a much more significant alteration, such as converting limbs into tentacles, changing the overall body shape , or adding or removing an appendage. Jam may also grant or remove extraordinary, supernatural, or spell-like abilities; within reason.

   Unless otherwise specified, the changes are permanent and are passed on to all the subject's offspring thereafter.


   Jam can digest and absorb nearly anything she engulfs fully; breaking it down with supernatural efficiency. Magical objects and creatures are subjected to digestive disjunction from their enchantments and effects, and even the very souls of sapient entities can thusly be ripped away and consumed or, in many cases, repurposed.


   Objects and creatures studied or absorbed can be duplicated by Jam with a high-degree of accuracy; Allowing her to 'conjure' nearly anything so long as she has the material to spare. Being made of her flesh, creatures created this way are ultimately subject to Jam's will, making it a particularly unfortunate fate for any un-consumed souls to get shoved into a freshly-minted body.


Green (Always Fine)

Vanilla, Anal, Musk, Sweat, Size Difference, Power Bottoming, Smothering/Breathplay, Soft Vore, Absorption, Goo, Alternative/Unusual Penetration, Roughness, Face-Sitting, Rimming, Gas

Yellow (Probably Fine, but Ask First)

OOC Approaches, Permanent Changes, Death, Filth/Scat , Weight Gain, Hyper Fat/Muscular Characters, BDSM, Mind Control/Mind Altering Effects, Abuse, Footplay

If concerned about kink compatibility or wanting to pursue anything particularly degenerate, feel free to ask or pose it in a tell if you're uncomfortable including something without asking.

Player:Ass Kaiju
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human