Phaer'driira Shaiith

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Race: Corrupted Dark Elf
Age: Over two centuries
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Snow White
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Parfume: Roses
Build: Muscular


As so often, the Drow before you joined savagery with beauty, though those familiar with their culture could quickly ascertain that something was afoul. In stride, her gait appeared as elegant as it was arrogant. Her entire body and stature oozing with a sense of superiority, as if she stood taller than most with her ample height. Each motion was performed with purpose, well practiced, yet she still opted to add superfluous inclinations to each. Shining emerald eyes brimmed with curiosity and disdain, observant as they were predatory, along with a small habit of scanning the immediate vicinity around herself. Plump lips slathered in crimson and dark lashes emphasized by mascara, eagerly displaying what remained of her feminity.

Her physique neared that of a well trained, albeit, smaller human. Conditioned by a life-long focus upon the ferocities of raiding and politics, her form had become used to hauling full plate, alongside a generous pack of equipment. Well defined muscles lined all of her body, toning it into a depiction raw strength. Shoulders were broadened slightly by the thick layer of muscle that traveled down her arm, bulging around her biceps and forearms. A shapely chest that stood firm, though the voluptuous orbs retained their supple nature.

Beneath it rested blocks of muscle, the core of her body arduously trained to perfection, hardened for battle. Phaer'driira's hips happened to be a proper set of child bearing hips, wide and curvaceous. Ready to bring her off-spring into the world, if they hadn't already. A delectable aft framed her lower half in all its allure, a hand upon it would find a bountiful treasure no doubt. And last, but not least, her tall legs were well shaped thanks to the years of travel that the Drowess found herself in. Broad thighs that neared the size of her hips gradually grew sleeker as they neared her knees. Remaining well balanced in their appearance.

Silver had been embedded within her septum and lower lip, heavily contrasting her dusken skin. While many of her former piercings had now vanished. Not even her breasts laid adorned with the rings they once held.

Even the Drowess had been changed by her time in Sinifer, where there had once be painstakingly carved scars, there had now been but her pristine skin. As soft as that of a teenager, with ever the slightest of blemishes undone. As if her body had now been in denial of the age she once held. Yet more was abrew, as nails had elongated, and fangs now stood where canines had been. Even her silken locks laid disturbed.

Crimson marks laid upon her abdomen and lower back, both pulsing with an otherworldly energy. The tail growing forth from her tailbone carried an additional two silver barbell piercings through its upper base.


[OOC: I'm rather tell friendly! Any consequence or dire encounter my character may go through will be played out to the best of my abilities Though I may opt to fade to black if it's something I simply cannot endure.]
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human